Health Plans

Discover innovative technology and experts who help you take your data to the next level to improve population health, increase quality rating scores and strengthen relationships with plan members.

Population Health Solution

Our CRM solution blends technology, a team of experts and strategy to create a strong, measurable communication and performance metric management plan — one that allows you to use your data for actionable solutions.

Centralized database application

Eliminate data silos and combine member data from multiple sources to create a smart marketing tool with a solid foundation.  Possible data sources to aggregate: medical and pharmacy claims, enrollment data, HRA results, case and disease management programs, call center, website, and more.

Advanced modeling and smarter segmentation

Our HIPAA-compliant data-mining algorithms focus communications only to those who need or are at-risk for specific services. By narrowing the target audience, you maximize marketing dollars by predicting health needs of members, increasing compliance, changing the way they think and behave when it comes to their health and reducing claims costs.

Data-driven, measurable marketing strategies

Harness your data to educate and influence behavior. Using equal parts technology and expert counsel, we analyze your data to identify member insights and breakthrough market opportunities to drive members to screenings and lower cost treatment sooner.

Personalized communication

Take campaign development to new strategic levels by capitalizing on how members best receive and respond to health communications. Your data drives tone, media selection, messaging and calls-to-action. Then, you are able to build customized direct mail, email, Web content, call campaigns and mobile applications that reach target audiences and maximize your marketing efforts.

Real ROI

Demonstrate your success with our proven ROI model. The performance-monitoring dashboard tracks and measures your campaigns, making it easy to share ROI with management.

Start measuring your success with CPM Healthgrades. Request more information or schedule a solution session.


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