Get to know your patients, prospects and physicians intimately with the help of CPM Healthgrades’ hospital solutions. From targeted patient/prospect marketing and refined physician outreach to strategic hospital planning and forecasting, we offer robust technology solutions that can help you increase revenue as well as patient and physician loyalty.

CPM Healthgrades offers the only integrated suite of services to meet all your marketing, planning and call center needs.

CPM Healthgrades’ Offerings:

Patient Direct Connect™: A Digital Patient Engagement Solution

Generate an increase in admissions and demonstrate ROI with Patient Direct Connect, a scalable market solution in your local area. CPM Healthgrades’ Patient Direct Connect solution connects you with highly engaged consumers with your physicians on Healthgrades—the leading destination for physician and provider selection.

CRM : Customer Relationship Management

Bring your hospital marketing initiatives into a new realm of prospect and patient communication. Beyond helping you define and target new patients, CPM Healthgrades’ customer relationship management (CRM) system can truly help you build hospital marketing campaigns that boost your brand awareness and help enhance patient satisfaction.

PRM: Physician Relationship Management

Create an impact on physician behavior. Whether your hospital is looking to boost physician referrals, maintain long-term physician relationships or increase physician satisfaction, CPM Healthgrades’ physician relationship management (PRM) system helps you get to know your physicians and anticipate their needs to increase hospital admissions and your bottom-line.

Planning & Forecasting

Gain valuable insight into the composition of your current and future marketplace. This robust system is designed to provide actionable forecasting information to assist hospitals and health systems with planning. The more you know about your patients and prospects, the more you can respond to their current needs and predict which products and services will appeal to them in the future.

CPM Healthgrades’ Strategic Healthcare Marketing Services

Successful healthcare marketing programs don’t magically happen. That’s why CPM Healthgrades' provides end-to-end marketing services and support. We put your integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or Physician Relationship Management (PRM) System to work and help you execute healthcare marketing campaigns that deliver measurable results.

Quality Achievements Plus: Share your National Distinction with Local Patients

With more health information at their fingertips than ever before, consumers are increasingly aware of disparities in care and have come to rely on objective, comprehensive information when selecting a doctor or hospital. In turn, hospitals are under increasing pressure to improve quality and financial performance. Healthgrades’ quality achievements emphasize the quality your hospital staff has already worked hard to achieve and positions your facility as a leader in delivering exceptional care.

Call Center

Produce more targeted, personalized phone communication. With CPM Healthgrades’ unique approach to inbound and outbound calling, we can help promote your hospital’s most appropriate services for individual callers to help improve their health. This approach, coupled with our highly trained call center staff, helps ensure that your patients and prospects get the same individualized attention on the phone that they would get in person.


Simplify Your Hospital’s Processes. Let us help you create a customized system suited to your hospital’s needs.  Request a Demo.

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