HIPAA and Marketing Communications

HIPAA regulations were reviewed in early 2013 and changes have been implemented. This paper explores a variety of important topics as it relates to HIPAA and marketing communications, in an easy to navigate Q&A format.

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Perceived Experience by Patients Treated for Cancer in a Hospital Setting

This study was primarily conducted to identify important experience factors in the treatment of cancer patients as determined by treated cancer patients, establish national benchmarks for the identified experience factors for potential use by hospitals treating cancer patients, and compare the perceptions of cancer patients treated in Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) hospitals with cancer patients treated in other US hospitals.

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The Role of Psychographic Segmentation in Managing Physician Relationships

Physicians are an important stakeholder group for hospitals. Strongly aligned physicians can drive hospital growth and help continuously improve patient care, efficiency and hospital preference. Dissatisfied or disconnected physicians, on the other hand, can drag down productivity, morale and sometimes even a hospital’s brand image.  To develop real relationships with physicians, you have to understand what makes them tick — an understanding that goes beyond their specialty or the type of practice they have (demographics), and includes what is going on inside their head (psychographics).

This paper describes a unique psychographic segmentation that can give hospitals a critical edge in physician relationship management.

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Transformational Strategic Planning

Increasing the number of consumers who access a clinical service, program, health plan or healthcare service is growth. Profitable growth is derived from understanding the market - key drivers, trends, future forecasts and revenue stream. Building a data warehouse allows organizations to respond to this knowledge gap by enabling efficient access to business analytics and information in a self-service model. Planning & Forecasting provides decision-makers this information set to build strategy; its value is measured by the outcomes of strategy implementation - volume, revenue and market penetration.

This whitepaper is intended to show you how to use business analytic technology to enhance strategic and profitable growth.

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The Financial Impact of a Call Center

The patient experience begins the instant your phone rings. When existing or potential patients call, they are giving your hospital the opportunity to develop a valuable relationship. But what if the call goes unanswered or is mishandled? This missed opportunity to connect callers with the healthcare services they need will result in lost revenue to your hospital.

This whitepaper is intended to show you the true value of callers and how much a missed opportunity may cost your hospital.

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CRM Benefit Models: Quantifying the CRM Investment

Healthcare providers are increasingly turning to customer relationship management (CRM) to help them maximize profitability and optimize marketing program expenditures. This paper highlights the advantages of CRM Benefit Models for healthcare providers, which can be very effective in helping you quantify the merits of CRM programs, and can help you “sell” these benefits internally. It also discusses and illustrates the different types of CRM Benefit Models.

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How to Develop and Implement a CRM Marketing Plan

The two most important questions healthcare marketers can ask today are: “Who are the people I need to communicate with?” and “What is the most appropriate message to convey?” To answer these questions and to maximize the value of a comprehensive CRM system, a strategic and tactical planning methodology is one way to achieve increased market share in carefully selected service areas. This approach fully utilizes multiple levels of the CRM database to compare a healthcare organization or system with the overall market to determine where significant opportunity gaps exist.

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CRM Lifetime Connections: Achieving Better Health Maintenance and Patient Loyalty

Today’s healthcare consumers have greater knowledge and expectations than ever before, in a time of greater profitability squeezes. Organizations and providers that build and maintain long-term customer relationships with efficient marketing strategies will have the advantage.

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Developing the Personal CRM Health PortalTM for Better Health Management

The Web has enabled individuals to take a much more active role in their healthcare. Largely because of information on the Internet, healthcare consumers today are better educated on disease and treatment protocols than ever before, and they are demanding choices and the ability to select their own healthcare services. Organizations that respond to these trends will have the advantage. One approach is to develop a personal healthcare management web portal that is an integral part of a comprehensive CRM program. In this model, the CRM Health Portal™ becomes the main channel of communications in a closed loop-system that constantly collects and reacts to patient needs and preferences. This paper discusses the CRM Health Portal™ and how it can meet current market challenges and achieve these objectives.

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Predictive Market Segmentation in Healthcare: Increasing the Effectiveness of Disease Prevention and Early Intervention

The healthcare marketing environment is changing rapidly due to forces such as rising consumerism, improved technology, customer focus and the ever-present cost constraints. Yet, it’s not as easy to shift the gears of a long-entrenched system toward a new customer perspective and strategies that offer a growth advantage. This paper examines “predictive segmentation,” a new way to assess and view individuals in the market based on their health status and health needs. In the new marketing millennium, such information can be a powerful tool for disease prevention and early intervention. It can lead to ongoing, more responsive relationships with your patients and prospective patients. In this light, it certainly can be seen as an “enabler” of success.

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