Partner with local employers to improve community wellness through CPM Healthgrades' Health2Work™ program. This program leverages CRM technology to provide a comprehensive corporate health and wellness program sponsored by employers and your hospital. It’s a true win-win situation, helping your hospital gain greater insight into the health of employees, while increasing utilization and helping employers keep the cost of care down.

Gain valuable insight and enhance patient recruitment and retention efforts through our strategic employer partnership program.

CPM Healthgrades' Health2Work Program Includes:

Health Risk Assessment

Our comprehensive Health Risk Assessment allows employees to learn about their health risks and receive tips on improving their health. Through this knowledge-driven analysis, employers gain insight on how to prevent rising insurance premiums and improve employee wellness, while your hospital captures key healthcare information to help you improve your patient outreach efforts.

Workplace Wellness Assessment

CPM Healthgrades' Workplace Wellness Assessment gives your employer partners a broader view of how their employee health and fitness programs are working. The assessment helps your partners analyze employee perception and utilization of the current health benefits package so you can work together to build a new package that keeps employees happy and healthy. This type of program showcases your hospital as a health advocate and helps employers keep turnover and healthcare costs down.

Lifetime Connections™

CPM Healthgrades' Lifetime Connections™ event trigger program encourages employees to be active health participants. Through automated, individualized health maintenance “triggers,” employees are regularly alerted of key health events including: screenings and immunizations, wellness seminars, personalized newsletter articles and more.

Employer Portal

Our customized employer portals empower your local employer partners by giving them access to data on their employees, as well as useful white papers and case studies to help streamline their health initiatives, manage risk and reduce costs. CPM Healthgrades also helps your hospital utilize this portal to conduct strategic, targeted employer communication.

Helping Employers Benefits Your Hospital.  Learn how to set up a partnership with a local employer. Request More Information.

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