Through CPM Healthgrades' industry-leading Print Services Center, we provide digital and traditional ink printing for hospital marketing campaign collateral. Your campaigns are created and produced in-house with strict adherence to accuracy and quality. In addition, we also offer first-class letter shop services, which include match mailing, labeling, stamping and sorting.

To ensure your pieces reach their intended targets, CPM Healthgrades stays current with ever-changing postal regulations. To provide you with a complete package, we’ll even secure necessary authorizations and permits.

CPM Healthgrades' Print Services Center: 

CPM Healthgrades' Printing Differentiators:

CRM Integration

Our Print Services Center is fully integrated and ready to receive your CRM-driven print jobs. In fact, our equipment was specifically selected to accommodate this data exchange seamlessly. The process is simple. The printer reads the data provided by your hospital CRM and automatically inserts it where necessary—no human intervention needed.

Variable Data Printing

Achieve true one-to-one communication through print campaigns with our variable data printing capabilities. Just as no two individuals are alike, no two printed pieces should be the same. With CPM Healthgrades, hundreds of elements, including text, images and graphics, in your collateral pieces swap out. This ensures each piece is tailored to the individual. The results? The right message to the right person at the right time.

Quick Turn-Around, High Quality

CPM Healthgrades scalable production capacity helps streamline print-flow and our ability to produce high-quality printed materials quickly and cost-effectively. Our goal is to help you effectively communicate and motivate your patients, while keeping the high integrity of your hospital’s marketing collateral intact.

Let Us Become Your Printer-of-Choice

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