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With over 60 million consumers now using social media to share health experiences on the Web, it’s essential that your hospital get online and get in front of those consumers by using Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogs and more.

With CPM Healthgrades' Social Media Consultation services, we’ll make sure that your social media efforts are strategic, fun and compliant with HIPAA. Because we intimately know healthcare and marketing, we provide a well-rounded approach to social media that will help you connect with your patients and prospects, while staying within your organization’s comfort level.

Social media trends change daily. What doesn’t change is CPM Healthgrades' knowledge of healthcare marketing.

CPM Healthgrades' Social Media Differentiators:

Strategic Consultation

As you develop your marketing and CRM initiatives, CPM Healthgrades will be there to weave social media into the mix. Our social media consultation services provide you with a road-map for venturing into the world of Web 2.0. And, we’re available to answer your social media questions. Whether it’s setting up your Facebook page or figuring out WordPress, we’ve got you covered.

Multi-Media Integration

Our social media recommendations strategically tie into your hospital marketing initiatives to help you present a consistent message across multiple channels. In fact, we'll advise you on how to integrate your new media efforts with direct mail and other campaign initiatives to help boost response rates. From directing people to a YouTube virtual hospital tour to encouraging them to register for a screening via Facebook, social media is a great complement to your other marketing efforts.

Utilizing Marketing Successes

At CPM Healthgrades, we help you maximize every marketing dollar by “re-purposing” your traditional marketing collateral and turning it into social media gold. Whether it’s editing newsletter content to create a month’s worth of blog posts or posting a video of your latest seminar to YouTube, we’ll get you in the mindset to marry the traditional and new media marketing worlds.

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