CRM: Customer Relationship Management

Bring your hospital marketing initiatives into a new realm of prospect and patient communication with the help of CPM Healthgrades’ Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Beyond helping you define and target new patients, CPM Healthgrades’ CRM delivers strong, measurable marketing campaigns designed to help you drive profitable growth and manage your population's health.

The key? Delivering the right message to the right person at the right time…with the right communication vehicle.

CPM Healthgrades’ CRM Helps Your Hospital:

Manage your population's health

Increase quality of care and ensure maximum reimbursements with our Population Health tools that allow you to define your population, understand its health needs and develop and execute strategies that help change health behaviors.

Predict Health Outcomes

Using sophisticated scientific techniques, our system can actually predict health outcomes and trends in behavior by analyzing healthcare variables and co-morbidities associated with disease states of both patients and non-patients alike.

Communicate One-to-One

Through our unique Perceptual Profiles™ approach, we can ensure that your marketing efforts capitalize on how people best receive and respond to marketing communication according to the vehicle, tone, offer and call-to-action.

Measure ROI

Our CRM has a built-in performance monitoring dashboard to provide a centralized database for all of your marketing efforts, making it easy for hospital marketers to demonstrate campaign successes to hospital executives.

Leverage Hospital System Data

CPM Healthgrades captures data from every information source in your facility no matter the format – diskettes, tapes, computer mainframes, the Internet, EHR, etc. – and compiles it into one functional marketing tool.

CPM Healthgrades’ Hospital CRM Differentiators:

Easy & Secure Access

CPM Healthgrades offers easy access to campaign data through an Internet-based platform that runs without loading a business application on your computer. And rest assured, CPM Healthgrades’ CRM supports HIPAA compliance.

Accurate Data

CPM Healthgrades has a comprehensive data warehouse where we conduct life-cycle data management. We aggregate patient and consumer information from a multitude of sources, including your hospital’s internal systems, to determine the most accurate, pure data.

Intra Departmental Integration

With CPM Healthgrades’ CRM, marketing can now coordinate and integrate with other departments, including business development, planning and PRM: Physician Relationship Management to help refine your hospital’s marketing approaches and goals.

Marketing Campaign Support

CPM Healthgrades gives you access to some of the most practiced healthcare marketing professionals to help execute your campaigns seamlessly. We provide end-to-end support from campaign implementation and list segmentation to creative execution and printing services.

CPM Healthgrades Has Proven Hospital CRM Success

See what over 400 hospitals have already discovered: CPM Healthgrades delivers results. Check out our CRM success stories.  For more information, Request a demo

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