CRM for Health Plans

Reduce your members’ costs through refined member outreach with CPM Healthgrades’ Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System. Our robust, data-driven system complements your care management and recruitment efforts for more targeted communication that resonates with individual members. Whether your goal is to reduce emergency room non-compliance, increase screening rates or discourage out-of-network usage, our proprietary database and proven communication techniques will help deliver results.

Communicate one-to-one with members. CRM helps to deliver targeted messages to your members based on their unique health needs and how they best receive and respond to marketing communication.

CPM Healthgrades’ CRM Helps Your Payer Organization:

Predict Health Outcomes

Our system can predict health outcomes and trends in behavior by analyzing healthcare variables and co-morbidities associated with disease states. Our proprietary predictive modeling applications factor in the member diagnosis and procedures giving you the most realistic outlook of which members will become sick.

Adhere to URAC Guidelines

The CRM system provides a centralized database for the documentation of all of your member outreach efforts. This user-friendly platform makes it easy for payers to keep track of all communication and demonstrate adherence to URAC guidelines.

Boost Pre-Disease & Disease Management Outreach

Our system helps you reach out to members at risk of developing diseases before they become ill. We help enhance your care management efforts to ensure that you are communicating with each member in the most optimal way to encourage behavior modification.

Increase Medicare Market Share

Our system allows you to market directly to seniors who are candidates for Medicare Supplemental plans – both those unaffiliated who will become Medicare eligible and those affiliated with other plans. We even offer exclusive segmentation techniques that allow you to further refine your targets to manage risk.

CPM Healthgrades’ Payer CRM Differentiators:

Easy & Secure Access

CPM Healthgrades offers easy access to outreach data through an Internet-based platform. Rest assured, CPM Healthgrades’ CRM supports HIPAA compliance. In fact, not only is your data secure today, but we continue to invest heavily in securing your data into the future.

Accurate Data

CPM Healthgrades has a comprehensive data warehouse where we conduct life-cycle management of data. We aggregate member and consumer information from a multitude of sources, including your organization’s internal systems, to determine the most accurate, pure data.

Leverage Claims & Care Management Data

CPM Healthgrades captures data from every information source in your facility, no matter the format, and compiles it into one functional member outreach tool. Bonus: We can build your customized database quickly – within 60-90 days of receiving data.

Member Outreach Support

CPM Healthgrades doesn’t just provide you with a database; we give you access to some of the most practiced healthcare marketing professionals to help execute your member outreach campaigns seamlessly. We provide end-to-end support from campaign implementation and list segmentation to creative execution and printing services.

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